How To Kill Your Sim in Sims 4


It is not easy to kill a sim as it was in sims 3, since we had some type of cheats. But in sims 4 we dont have them ( yet ).

Here are the types of deaths in sims 4;

Natural Reasons ; old age , hunger , cowplant attacks , electrocution , fire , overexertion, rocket ship crash landings
Emotional Reasons ; anger, embarrassment, laughter


To kill your sim by hunger, first you need to avoid that your sim act independently. Because when sims get hungry, they will go to eat with a natural instinct to survive without your control. If you put your sims in a room without any doors for 24 hours and keep them away from eating, they will die because of hunger.


To kill your sim by electrocution, first you need a broken electronic device in your house such as an oven, fridge, television, stereo or a microwave ( Repairing sinks or toilets are not included in this type of death). If your sim’s ” handiness skill ” is low ( especially lower than 5 ), probably they will get electrocuted when trying to repair broken electronics. They wont die at first shock, but they will be at ” singed ” moodlet for the next few hours. ( avoid your sim to take a shower in this period, since it will help with the singed moodlet ) While in this moodlet, second attempt to repair an other broken electronic device and getting the second shock, will cause the death of your sim.


If you dont feed your cowplant for 12 hours, it will attempt to trick the sim around with a piece of cake. At this point, if you try to get the cake, your sim will be eaten by the cowplant. After that, it might spit the sim back or kill it. It is only about your luck.
You can get more information about cowplants in our ” cowplant guide ”.

Old Age

At sims 4 , there are 6 life periods for sims, which are , baby, child, teen, young adult, adult and finally the elder period. If you want to wait your sim, die from natural reasons, it is enough to wait for the natural time period.


Elder sims will get tired easier than the younger sims. If you work out your sim enough and get the ” dangerously tired ” moodlet, you can continue ( try woohoo for example ) 4 hours more and it will cause your sim die by overexertion.


It is very possible to start a fire, by making your sim cook without any cooking skills. There are no firemans at sims 4, so if you dont choose ” estinguish self ” and there are no other sims to help you estinguish the fire, making your sim stand in the fire will cause its death.

Rocket Ship Crash Landing

If your sim has low skill level at ” rocket science ” , exploring space may end up with the crash of the rocket ship. And your sim can die from the flames.


There are 4 levels of emmbarrassment which are; embarrassed, very embarrassed , humiliated and mortified.
Stangers walking in toilets or showers , peeing ground while other sims around, embarrassing conversations with other sims, getting rejected by a wedding proposal, low hygiene in public or around other sims, strangers walking in during ” woohoo” are some of the options which will help your sim get embarrassed. When your sim gets mortified moodlet, you need to calm it down in a few hours. Or it will die because of embarrassment.


There are 4 levels of laughter which are; playful, very playful , silly and hysterical.
You can watch comedy programs in tv, watch comic videos in computer, read funny books, tell or listen jokes enough to make your sim’s moodlet ” hysterical ”. And if you keep that emotional state for few hours, your sim will die by laughter.


There are also 4 levels of anger which are ; angry, very angry, furious and engraged.
Fighting with other sims, mean social interactions, getting cheated, looking at an angry painting or sculpture, playing with mischief interactions will cause anger at your sim. And if you dont help your sim calm down while in engraged moodlet for few hours, it will die by cardiac explosion.
No matter which way your sim die, The Grim Reaper will appear soon to take your sim. At this point you can choose to let it go or ” plead ” for the dying sim. If you are lucky enough, your sim will continue to be alive. Otherwise you will be left with a tombstone.

I hope this guide will be helpful for those, who wants to kill their sims easier 🙂

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